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WARNINGS: Extremely image heavy fangirling found underneath the cut.
I had some of my photos from the WWoHP Grand Opening wind up all
over Tumblr without any credit last year.

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Of totally awesome Harry Potter Weekends, part I;

You see that purple cardigan, red hair, and cream colored head band to the right of Emma?
That would be me, sweating like no other and enjoying every minute of it!

I should have a proper update with all my photos and details on this past weekend. Let's just say, it is a memory I shall never forget. And the movie was so fantastic! I am going to see it again tonight at the midnight premiere and I'm bringing my tissues again!
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Of hyperventilating and happy dances;

Let me just start off by saying I never win anything. All of those "Free Ticket Tuesdays" to win concert tickets - the ones that run all day long? Never won a single one. But as of noon today (when I woke up!) I discovered that the wait for finally being picked to win has been oh so worth the wait!

Courtsey of SnitchSeeker.com, I will be attending the NYC Premiere of Deathly Hallows, Part II next Monday!!

I'm still waiting to get my second email instructing me on what I need to do and bring, but the package included a prime spot on the red carpet and a early screening of the film following. I have been freaking out all morning long! I nearly busted my ass running to the other room to tell me mom that I had won. My best friend thought that I was messing with her until I pointed out I'm a terrible actress and could never fake that level of excitement even if I tried. Right now we're just trying to figure out how to get up there, as the contest didn't include airfare and hotel, but we might have a place to stay with a friend of the family and we can deal with putting airfare on a credit card right now.

I still can't breath properly!!

I thought the closest I would get to seeing any of the premieres was watching the livestream online. I entered three contests to win wristbands but never thought in a million years I'd actually win. It's safe to say I don't have to stress about going to Dragon*Con or Leaky Con this year, haha! Now I just need to try and figure out what is making me so ill all the time so that I can feel, at least, a little better when I'm up in New York. One week, doctors, figure out whats wrong with me, please!

PS I'm going to try to get a Quagmeyer update up sometime this week, but I can't promise that I can sit still long enough to play!
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Editing images;

I am sitting here alternating between all of my photoshops and scratching my head. What does everyone use to edit their sim pictures in? I've been doing the basic "re-size, sharpen, add border" thing for far too long and I want my images to look a bit more contrasty and not so dingy.

Photshop CS3 seemed to be doing the trick, but then it kept taking away from of my pictures and wouldn't let me open them again.
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There is so much Sims 3 pretty on my friends page ;___; it makes me really, really want to go out and buy the game, but I can't justify spending that much on a game when I would end up rarely playing.

ps - I finally played my game the other night and have a Quagmeyer update I need to post!
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In attempt to make my journal look a bit neater and save me the hassle of using so much code in my resources post, I thought I'd update everything. However, this lovely error message keeps appearing:

I click 'preview' and everything shows up perfectly. So what exactly is happening? Has anyone had this happen before? How do you fix it?!

Thank you in advance!

EDIT; So apparently it has something to do with my resources list :[ Don't know what bit of html is upsetting LJ, but until I figure that out, my resources will be down, but I can easily direct anyone toward my defaults or content ♥
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I'll need to go Gamers Anonymous for this;

I am going to be a good simmer and pry myself away from Gardens of Time now and actually go do some simming like I promised I would be doing more often! But dear god, has anyone else been playing this game over on Facebook? Typically I avoid the games on there like the plague because I will not be a farmer on Farmville or be raising any fish, but I'm loving this game and it annoys me to no end that you can only play so often while you twiddle your thumbs and wait for your energy to recharge. So aggravating!